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Customized audit with no technical jargon

After observing the way your business operates in person, we make a clear summary of the risks and opportunities of your current position. We then provide you with an action plan for installing your new IT system, with costs and deadlines clearly indicated and alternatives wherever possible. And with no technical jargon, so you can make a decision based on the clear information you have at your disposal.
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High-security design with no unnecessary functions

When we design a system, we first consider security. We then develop a solution for your company consisting of simple, robust elements that can correct faults and errors effortlessly. For critical functions you then have a choice of high-reliability components able to self-diagnose and self-repair, to maintain your operational capacity under all circumstances.

Experience has taught us that complicated tools reduce responsiveness and increase the risk of error; all our visual interfaces get right to the point and are optimized for your productivity. With IZELEN, you only pay for things you actually need.
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IT security: no business is safe

As soon as a software system is connected to the web, it becomes a target for attacks. Intrusions can have serious consequences - damage to the company's reputation, loss of business whilst you take corrective action, even permanent inability to resume your business if data is destroyed or corrupted.

In terms of confidentiality and security, IZELEN has extensive experience in developing systems that are used in the most demanding industries, created to ensure maximum resistance to intrusion and allow operations to continue even in the most critical situations. Every system we have developed for clients is endowed with this high level of robustness.
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Progressive deployment so your business never experiences any upheaval

Rather than replacing your entire existing system all at once (a well-known feature with ERPs), we do all we can to avoid disrupting your daily business activities by remedying only what's needed, adding the parts that are missing, and making the whole thing secure. Your system is progressively and continuously improved to preserve your previous investments.

We quickly deploy a prototype so you can test and verify the relevance of each component and allow your teams to familiarize themselves with the new tool. We give you the opportunity to amend your strategy at every stage, preserving your old functions for maximum deployment flexibility.
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A modus operandi that protects you immediately in the event of a problem, 365 days a year

Because our products are designed to be resilient and flexible, our technical support can provide an immediate solution if you find a glitch in your new IT system.

We will then develop a permanent solution to the problem rapidly.

Our policy of continuous improvement and daily monitoring of the latest technologies ensures that your platform always operates at the best possible level, which you can present as a tangible selling point with existing and prospective customers.

An IT system that puts you ahead of the competition with your customers

Once in place, your platform is not only the most reliable and effective tool in your market, it will also serve as a springboard for innovation in all aspects of customer relations, and a showcase for your products and services.

We evaluate the latest innovations for you and subject them to our rigorous performance and robustness requirements for a rational transition. You will be supported throughout the transition period by the best technology at the right time, with no risk.

While your competitors are trying to copy your innovations, you will be free to focus on staying ahead and adding value to your business.
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We provide medium and small businesses with the robust, high-performance IT systems that large businesses use, with no disruption to growth _
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